Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Cleanser! Thanks Brecken!

Say hello to my new favorite thing in the world! It's a 10% glycolic cleanser and it's amazing! It's from a company called Image (which I love) from their ageless line.
It's good for most skin types. I wouldn't suggest it if you have sensitive skin or problems like eczema or rosacea.
It's best for aging, hyperpigmented (brown spots), acneic, normal to combo skin types.
The glycolic is a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoliator.
Nothing takes make up off like this baby!
I've been using it for about two weeks now and their is a very noticeable change in the texture of my skin.
The best thing about it? It can also be used as a body wash!
My skin felt baby soft after i used this and my lotion absorbed much better.
You know its working because you'll feel a little tingle. That's the glycolic doing its job along with the eucalyptus which is also an ingredient.
As far as affordability goes its pretty reasonable. A little bit of it goes a long way so it will last you quite awhile.
You just have to find someone who distributes it because you can't buy it in a store.
I'm giving it a ten out of ten!
WARNING: Do NOT use if you are pregnant or breast feeding. AHA's (the glycolic in this case) need to be avoided. Or if you are sunburned.


Just thought i would send out a warning to that should have been obvious to me. If you spray tan a lot in your bathroom it will get everywhere and turn everything a pinkish brown especially your carpet. I was doing it in the shower but.... didn't really make a difference. So unless you have one of those nifty tents to spray tan in take it outside to do most of it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A new type of blog!!

So I've decided to switch up my blog a little bit... I hope some of you might have some input to some of my posts because I'd love to hear your opinion. As you probably well know I graduated from Taylor Andrews with my esthetics license a few months ago and I LOVE it. I also LOVE shopping and trying new products. So.... I thought why not blog about all the new products I'm trying. Todays post is about SPRAY TANNING!!!!

So Tan So Bronze Airbrush Tanner
Say hello to my LEAST favorite personal spray tan. So Tan So Bronze Airbrush Tanner 7.5 oz of non-color. I've been using this for about a week and can barely see a difference in my skin. I spent about $20.00 on this and have not been very satisfied. If you like a very light "I've been out in the sun for a half hour" type of tan than this is for you. Personally if i'm going to spend money on a tan I want to be able to see the color. I would not suggest this product.

This is a step up from the previous spray tan. The color is very noticeable and VERY glittery. Depending on the undertones of your skin this tan has the tendency to have and orange tint. It also does not last past your next shower and if you get sweaty can rub off on your clothes. I would use for special occasions only and only use a light layer. The glitter is very fine and can add a lot to the tan but trust me from personal experience LESS IS MORE!! (and don't spray directly on your face, spray on cotton round and apply)

Body Drench Quick Tan (Instant Self-tanning Spray) 6 Oz Can
This is MY FAVORITE spray tan so far. It leaves a great color that lasts for up to a week. You can apply it yourself pretty easy but it's not a bad idea to have someone help you. Good INSTANT color that is def more brown than orange. You can do layers and build your tan as light or dark as you want, but with a lot of layers you might feel a little sticky the first day. The one downside..... DO NOT get wet within the first 6-12 hrs or it will streak/spot. If you do, just spray some on a cotton round and blot on said streak or spot or just blend it in with lotion.
So there you go. My first product judging post. I'm open to any suggestion of products to try for future posts.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring break please??!!

Everyone is currently on spring break and gets a lovely break from school....except those of us at Taylor Andrews. Someone please steal me away to a beautiful beach where i can soak up all the UVA rays i possibly can. I need to get away from ST. G. I have the STG fever!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Hair.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Most Recent Investment :)

I don't usually get lucky when it comes to money. I never find good sales or discounts and i never find anything I need on clearance..... UNTIL TODAY!!! On this wonderful day i got about $600-800 worth of esthetic equipment for only $200!!!! I got a pretty nice table, a steamer, and some bowls and decorative storage things. Unfortunately there's not any room for it at my house so I have to set up shop in my old bedroom at my parents. It'll do for now. It's just slightly cramped. Now it'll be much easier to do waxing/tinting, eyelash extensions, and I can do facials at home too. So hopefully I can get some clients and start making some money..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

All roads lead home....

So I am horrible about updating my blog and by the time i get around to it so much has happened that i don't know how to fit it all in.... So here's the updates in my life in a very organized, neat, and tidy bulleted list. :) I'll try to go in some type of chronological order....

  • I decided to get my esthetics license at Taylor Andrews in St. G.
  • My brother got married Aug. 8
  • My grandma died Aug 9 :(
  • I was going to live with my grandma so i had to find a new place within the week.
  • Found a sweet place on KSL in Hidden Valley Heights with normal roommates. *phew*
  • Started school Sept. 8 and i LOOOOOVE it!
  • Recently became debt free because i'm smart like that :)
  • Just got called as ward choir director. I didn't even try to hide the cringe from the bishop.
  • I've started waxing people at my house and making some money. Always a good thing
  • My roommates told me I was keeping the spirit out of our house because i left some muffin tins in the sink and two bracelets on the kitchen table.... all i can do is laugh
  • and the biggest thing off all.....I've get.... A PUPPY!! i'm going to get a teacup yorkie! i'm not sure when but i'm going to make it happen and i'm so excited :) :)